Use of oxygen under standard conditions per meter of element immersion

(Ea) up to 8,5 %/m

Pressure loss

(Δp) 4 – 6 kPa

Recommended flow

(QL) 2,5 – 5 m3/m.h

Main advantages  

  • Even and constant formation of fine bubbles along the entire length of the aeration element
  • The membrane allows automatic drainage of condensate from the aeration system
  • High value of oxygen transfer
  • Unique shape and size of the perforation
  • Long life
  • Low acquisition costs and easy installation
Aeration membranes | Kubíček VHS

The most common use

  • Aeration of tanks at municipal WWTPs
  • Galvanic bath mixing
  • Aeration of fish tanks
  • Cleaning of bio-filters
  • Pneumatic flotation – separation of physically and chemically diverse substances

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